Will a fence increase the value of your property?

First impressions count, the facade of a property is often the first thing a buyer sees in the form of marketing or from driving by a property so consequently is one of the first places people are likely to spend money when fixing up their home to sell.

Updating the front of a property can be relatively inexpensive and can be done with (generally) minimal skill such as washing down the exterior walls and fence, if required repainting the front of your property to offer a fresher look to tired walls and fence.

Landscaping your front yard should include pruning and the addition of new greenery and tidying, but you should not discount the fact an onlooker’s eye will first glance at the fence. Fences that offer more privacy are said to encourage more buyers. Properties that offer a glimpse of the internal garden and yet safety and security of a fence are more popular choices for families and home owner’s with pets.

An addition to your fence might be a letterbox and updated intercom or door bell. Be sure to consider the modern options for security purposes that are affordable.

Take great comfort knowing that improvements made to your front façade can be done at low cost and can significantly advance the look and value of your property.