What to do when you have rain damage at your property

When it rains, it pours.
Here are 4 tips to help manage rain damage at your rental property.

Tip 1 Let us know
Be sure to document using your phone images, video and a description of the damage. Place a bucket or towel under the area.

Tip 2 Help prevent further damage
A plumber won’t be able to get up on a roof during a storm due to safety, so to help prevent any further water damage and we will send a plumber out once the rain has stopped.

Tip 3 Contents Insurance
Make sure you have contents insurance, a landlord’s insurance won’t tpically include your personal belongings.

Tip 4 Damage may appear after a storm has passed
You may not notice damage until well after a storm has passed, water will always find the lowest entry point so the build up may be gradual and over time. Be sure to notify us as soon as you seen any damage so as we can send the appropriate tradesperson.

Be sure to review our Urgent Repairs page.