We have a very digital approach to marketing your property, virtual reality tours, professional photos, live inspections and priority listing on Real to learn more about the ways in which we digitally market your property head to our Property page. Our strength in sales isn’t just dependent on our digital marketing approach which ensures we reach an extended number of buyers across our multiple databases but it is our┬ádedicated one on one service that sees our clients reach top market price for their property, whilst having the confidence of an experienced sales and finance manager by their side available to talk them through every step of the process.

“More than satisfied with our Neesh experience. Their digital technology is incredible especially for those who are extremely busy or out of town clients. You are able to have a peace of mind when buying property that you’ve never even stepped into.” Payman Shilian

There are two main ways to buy a home – by private sale or auction. As a buyer you don`t really have a choice, as it is the seller (vendor) who decides which method to use to sell their home.

Private sale

Buying by private sale means you buy the property at the advertised price or you negotiate the price with the vendor or usually through the vendor`s estate agent. In some cases, the property may have been `passed-in` at auction because the vendor`s reserve price (the minimum they were prepared to accept) was not reached. Buying by private sale allows both parties to negotiate an acceptable price, with the buyer usually starting low and the seller starting high. The negotiation continues until both parties agree on a price.

Our latest private sale was this beautiful Kingsville property which was listed on the market and sold at the vendors ideal price within 12 days.

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The auction method is the ideal way to test the property market against buyer demand. However, it is also an emotionally charged and fast-moving atmosphere that requires both parties to keep a cool head.

Some of the benefits of buying at auction include.
-You can compete with other bidders in an open forum and you are aware of other offers being made.
-All legal documents relating to the sale of the property are available for inspection before the auction.
-Contracts of sale can be signed and exchanged on the day of the auction.