Refinancing your home loan may happen for a variety of reasons especially when your circumstances change. No two people are alike so we are aware that each person may have individual reasons to make adjustments to their loan. What people don’t often consider is how refinancing your home can better suit your lifestyle today, especially when the market continues to change and advance.

Reasons to refinance include

  • Looking to secure the best interest rate available
  • Switching between variable/fixed rates
  • Access equity in your home
  • Consolidate debt

There are additional home loan features that you may be interested in accessing which include 

  • Redraw facility
  • Flexible repayments
  • Holiday or career change repayments
  • Offset account transaction
  • Flexible rate options

“I highly recommend Neesh Property for everything Finance, I have just completed my Finance with Neesh and to say it was painless and thorough and smoothly handled would be a true understatement. The best part was that I could completely trust Michael and his team to provide the highest professional service. At all times I was updated, and the best part was the rate that was sourced for my loan, it means my repayments are most affordable.
Thank you again for your understanding and attention to detail it has made a real difference to my life.” Patti Grice

Still wondering what it’s all about? Don’t forget, your Neesh Finance broker can help you with your application and further information.

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