Melbourne’s storm damage and how we handled it

Some of you might have been affected by the freak storm that hit Melbourne on 29th December, 2016. Many of us, including our Altona office were affected by the downpour and we received a number of urgent maintenance calls during this time. Both Michael and Catherine were working abroad in the (temporary) Bali office. We were online and sent out an email to all tenants on the best way to handle water damage, a video of our best tips and the process required to submit a maintenance request. We were also available to take any calls from concerned tenants and guide them to the safest resolution before it was safe enough for a tradesman to attend their property.

We were truly grateful to our many tenants and tradespeople that were able to think quickly and help prevent further damage by follow our maintenance guidelines.

If you are interested to know what to do if faced with an urgent maintenance request just head to our urgent repairs page.