How to keep your indoor plant alive

Image by Sarah Sherman Samuel

If you are anything like us, the job of keeping a plant alive can be somewhat of a challenge. In the past we’ve tried durable Australian natives, we’ve watered plants to death and we’ve perhaps not offered the correct amount of lighting to ensure the longevity of our green friends. So we’ve done our research on the type of plant and the best way to treat them and have put together some steps to help keep a plant alive *hallelujah*

  1. Choose the right kind of plant
    This is where the problem can begin (we know all too well), you need to research the kind of plant to know what you are getting yourself into. Those little tags attached to the pots when you walk into a nursery are there for a reason, read them or turn to google for some information on your house and local recommendations. We have tried and tested the zanzibar, peace lily & succulent.


  2. Lighting is key
    The amount of light a plant receives indoors in almost always directly related to its growth and ultimately to it’s death *weep*. So when researching the right plant be sure to know what kind of sunlight the plant will receive in your home. Sometimes direct sunlight may not be the best answer and indirect light is the preferred living conditions for the plant. Either way it is a general rule for indoor plants that if there is not enough natural light to read your book in then there is certainly not enough light to grow and maintain your leafy friend.
  3. Re-pot
    Whilst it can be incredible easy (lazy) to just pop your store bought plant into a pretty outer pot without potting I can stand testament that THIS could actually be your first of many deadly mistakes. A simply repotting with some fresh soil into a pot larger than the one the plant was purchased in is highly advised. This will give the plant some room, fresh digs (soil) and the roots can have the chance to expand and absorb some nutrients. Drainage holes might be a standard when repotting but adding stones to the base of the pot will almost certainly be a rewarding gift to your leafy friend allowing proper drainage when watering.

    Zanzibar Gem

  4. Watering
    Amazingly not every plant requires a lot of water, and this might actually be the key to existence for some plants. May we introduce the Zanzibar Gem (see above), described as the set and forget plant. It will actually die if you water it any more than every 6-8 weeks and that is why it’s certainly our favourite. A simple repotting and leave it be with moderate light.