Neesh Finance offers expert Finance Structuring and Home Loans, specifically tailored to meet your own financial position. We can show you how to hold, grow and maintain your investment portfolio with the right strategy. We understand that dealing with banks and the competing rates can make the process of getting a home loan overwhelming. Our Finance representatives help talk you through the process, we are home owners ourselves and understand the process and concerns involved in making your first big investment. Our customer care and communication is key to giving our clients not only the best rate for their home loan but the best service and experience they will find.

Buying your first home is a big step and the key to a low-stress first home purchase is knowledge. Our Neesh finance representative can offer not only expert finance advice but also their vast years and experience in Property Management and Sales from a real estate perspective. Knowing the market, the strengths and strategies to getting the best rate for the loan on your new investment. We focus clearly on knowing your options and entitlements and encourage you to be prepared by surrounding yourself with industry experts – which include a Neesh Finance mortgage broker, your accountant, a financial planner and solicitor. This will ensure you find the right home loan to suit your situation and the first home buying process runs smoothly.

“Michael at Neesh was invaluable in his help with purchasing our first home. I don’t know that we would have been able to break into the Sydney property market without his guidance. His experience is evident in his negotiations and attention to detail. We highly recommend the use of Neesh for all property needs.” Jasmine Knight

Buying an Investment Property? Talk to Neesh about the type of investment property that will maximise your investment. For example, if your repayments are at an interest rate of 8% then you would need a property to secure you, as an average over the entire loan term, an annual return on investment (ROI) that is higher than the costs i.e. if net rent is 4% and the interest rate is 8% then it only needs to grow at more than 4% to be a sound investment. Buyers’ agents know the market better than most and are a valuable resource to use for advice or for negotiating with property sellers and/or their agents.

“We cannot recommend Michael and his team highly enough, we felt so supported and encouraged by Michael even when we had no clue what we wanted or what we were doing!
Michael literally did all the hard work for us, his knowledge in the property sector is outstanding and we couldn’t have done any of it without him, we felt so supported and having the freedom to call not only in business hours but anytime of day made us feel calm knowing we didn’t have to wait until Monday to get a response, it was same day service which is amazing. We are well aware that Michael has gone above and beyond and from the recommendation from friends originally, we know this is common practice for him. We have already recommended him to our friends and will continue to do so. Thanks Michael and the team!” Anna Malcolmson 

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Once you have decided to take out a home loan through Neesh Property, there is a flow of activity with each and every home loan process. Depending on your situation, the time from the initial meeting to a final approval will take anything from a few days to a few weeks. Larger home loans and more complex situations will typically take longer. Simpler scenarios can be much faster.

Below is a step-by-step timeline of what you can expect.

Step 1 Neesh Broker receives all necessary information, documents and a signed application.
Step 2 Home loan application is prepared and submitted to lender by Neesh Broker. Neesh Broker informs you that your home loan application has been submitted to lender.
Step 3 Lender assesses application which will include credit checks and verification of information provided.
Step 4 Assuming that all credit checks and verifications meet the lender’s guidelines, a conditional approval is issued. If there are any lender concerns at this stage, your Neesh Broker will address these with you.
Step 5 Your Neesh Broker advises you of conditional approval (or otherwise) of your home loan application. If the lender requires any further information, your Neesh Broker will let you know and you may then return to a previous step in the process.
Step 6 The lender will order a formal valuation of your property. The valuer will then inspect and submit a written report back to the lender.
Step 7 The valuation is assessed by the lender and if it meets their guidelines, they will commence the process for issuance of an unconditional approval. If there are any lender concerns with the valuation, your Neesh Broker will let you know and these can then be addressed.
Step 8 An unconditional approval is issued by the lender. At the same time, they will commence preparation of the loan documents. If your loan requires LMI (lender’s mortgage insurance), approval is sought from the LMI provider. Once the LMI provider approves, then the lender will issue the unconditional
approval and the preparation of loan documents will commence.
Step 9 You will receive loan documents from the lender. Your Neesh Broker will guide you through the process to execute these correctly. Once the documents are executed and signed, they are returned to the lender.
Step 10 Upon receipt of the signed loan documents, the lender will verify that everything has been signed correctly. Assuming all is correct, the lender will then commence the process of booking in settlement.

Still wondering what it’s all about? Don’t forget, your Neesh Finance broker can help you with your application and further information.

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“Thank you Neesh Property and specifically Michael for your assistance and guidance while purchasing our new home (and selling our old one).
What the bank made complicated and stressful for us initially was all simplified and easy to understand once you came along. Never too busy to call if we had a question.
With Neesh Property’s help we could concentrate on preparing our house for sale rather than endless paperwork dealing with banks.
Would highly recommend this business.” Amy Handly