July Tenant of the Month

We honestly love our tenants, so many of the friendly people we find homes for on our weekends have been with us for many years, they look after their home as though they owned it and are proactive about the upkeep of the property, including maintenance and repairs.
Our July tenant of the month was awarded to Lachlan from one of our Toorak Road properties. Lachlan has been one of those star tenants, he looks after his property, always pays his rent on time and reports any concerns regarding repairs, he’s made…

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7 steps to moving house like a pro

Before your new dream home becomes your reality, there is likely to be a little elbow grease required to get you there. If you don’t want to put the funds forward for someone else to move for you, you’ll find these useful tips will help prepare your property and get you moving efficiently on the big day.


  1. Invest in boxes
    It can be tempting to go low budget when you decide to buy boxes for your move, but let us tell you that this is the single best place to put your…

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May tenant of the month

This month’s winner is our tenant Nicola and her family who are deserving winners of the May tenant of the month.

Nicola and her family are an absolute pleasure to deal with, they consistently pay their rent on time, maintain their family home in a great condition and continue to communicate exceptionally well with the Neesh property management team.

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April Tenant of the Month

We were thrilled to award this month’s tenant of the month to Sukhjiwan and his lovely family. These tenants are well and truly deserving of the nomination for their commitment to keep their property in a wonderful condition and also consistently pay their rent on time. Their property manager and the team at Neesh certainly felt Sukhjiwan’s family were deserving of this month’s double movie pass prize. Well done!

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