Spring Clean your Wardrobe

Spring is the best time to consider decluttering your house and making room for a change in season. Plenty of us hold on to clothes for many seasons in the hope we might want to wear them again, however more often than not they continue to take up space and could be put to better use by donating them to your local charity. Stylists suggest a cleaner wardrobe starts you off in a better mindset at the beginning of each day, you will no longer have to sift through clothes that you…

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Do I need Landlord insurance?

Yes, the short answer is most definitely YES!

We all want to assume that we will never in fact require insurance for our investment property, however it’s something we really focus on here at Neesh to ensure our Landlords are aware that even the best tenant can endure personal hardship at times and that could result in you, the homeowner being out of pocket. One of the main reasons you want to have landlord insurance is to protect yourself if (and hopefully in the unlikely situation) the property is vandalised or the tenant leaves without paying their full rent.

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5 tips to help make you more organised

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be one of those people who turns up on time, always has their mobile charged, a jacket packed in the car for stormy weather and a back up of for every document and photo on the cloud. Here are five tips that professional organisers recommend we do to start our day right and consequently a flow on effect of organisation should occur.

Plan ahead
Preparing your own lunch and your kid’s lunch the night before allows for any mis-haps, sleep throughs or issues that might arise in the morning.
Time management is particular to each person so making…

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7 steps to moving house like a pro

Before your new dream home becomes your reality, there is likely to be a little elbow grease required to get you there. If you don’t want to put the funds forward for someone else to move for you, you’ll find these useful tips will help prepare your property and get you moving efficiently on the big day.


  1. Invest in boxes
    It can be tempting to go low budget when you decide to buy boxes for your move, but let us tell you that this is the single best place to put your…

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