Taigen Butty from FirmButts Fitness

As part of our Neesh Knows interview series this week we had the pleasure of sitting down with co owner of Firmbutts Fitness Taigain Butty and chatting all about building a brand and fitness business.










Their gym focuses on strength and conditioning and has recently opened in Port Melbourne where both Taigan and her husband work…

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How to keep your indoor plant alive

If you are anything like us, the job of keeping a plant alive can be somewhat of a challenge. In the past we’ve tried durable Australian natives, we’ve watered plants to death and we’ve perhaps not offered the correct amount of lighting to ensure the longevity of our green friends. So we’ve done our research on the type of plant and the best way to treat them and have put together some steps to help keep a plant alive *hallelujah*

  1. Choose the…

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Will a fence increase the value of your property?

First impressions count, the facade of a property is often the first thing a buyer sees in the form of marketing or from driving by a property so consequently is one of the first places people are likely to spend money when fixing up their home to sell.

Updating the front of a property can be relatively inexpensive and can be done with (generally) minimal skill such as washing down the exterior walls and fence, if required repainting the front of your property to…

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Australian Actor Nikolai Nikolaeff

We had the chance to chat with long term friend of Michael’s Nikolai Nikolaef. Niko is an Australian born actor who now resides in Los Angeles and has been working on a number of projects of late, including the recent Netflix series The OA and just wrapped filming Fargo. You might remember him in his previous role in Sea Patrol and The Power Rangers.

What is your current project or what have you recently finished working on?
It has a been a monster year for me. After a…

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