5 tips to help make you more organised

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be one of those people who turns up on time, always has┬átheir mobile charged, a jacket packed in the car for stormy weather and a back up of for every document and photo on the cloud. Here are five tips that professional organisers recommend we do to start our day right and consequently a flow on effect of organisation should occur.

Plan ahead
Preparing your own lunch and your kid’s lunch the night before allows for any mis-haps, sleep throughs or issues that might arise in the morning.
Time management is particular to each person so making…

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Hard and fast facts to improving your tax refund

Sam Chapman’s Accounting company known at Chapman and Co Accounting was founded in 2014 and has built a strong business catering to small and large businesses, sole traders and multi-milion dollar companies. Their key criteria is to offer quality service to all their clients not matter what size they are, maintaining the same service for a small client as they would a million dollar company. And that’s why we seeked Sam’s advice on what he would recommend going into tax time for all of our clients. We sat down and got some great insights into how to make the…

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7 steps to moving house like a pro

Before your new dream home becomes your reality, there is likely to be a little elbow grease required to get you there. If you don’t want to put the funds forward for someone else to move for you, you’ll find these useful tips will help prepare your property and get you moving efficiently on the big day.


  1. Invest in boxes
    It can be tempting to go low budget when you decide to buy boxes for your move, but let us tell you that this is the single best place to put your…

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May tenant of the month

This month’s winner is our tenant Nicola and her family who are deserving winners of the May tenant of the month.

Nicola and her family are an absolute pleasure to deal with, they consistently pay their rent on time, maintain their family home in a great condition and continue to communicate exceptionally well with the Neesh property management team.

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