Australian Actor Nikolai Nikolaeff

We had the chance to chat with long term friend of Michael’s Nikolai Nikolaef. Niko is an Australian born actor who now resides in Los Angeles and has been working on a number of projects of late, including the recent Netflix series The OA and just wrapped filming Fargo. You might remember him in his previous role in Sea Patrol and The Power Rangers.

What is your current project or what have you recently finished working on?
It has a been a monster year for me. After a long time in exile ( Long Story) I finally returned back to the USA to film the OA in upstate New York last April. I wrapped up on that show in June and then moved to LA to be with my girlfriend as well as closer to my management team. I recently wrapped on Fargo where we shot in Calgary Canada and it’s due out next week. I haven’t been able to reveal that yet and you guys are the first ones that will break the news actually. I am on hold for another show being done in NYC to be shot in October and I’m definitely not allowed to talk about that one.

What inspired you to start acting?
My mum was always a great storyteller and I would be enthralled in the way she would read me books as a kid. Making characters three dimensional. Years later, when I started in the industry, I realized I love being part of a complex mechanism that comes together to bring a story to life – the cast, the crew, the production team. I love how hard everyone works to build something like a film or a TV series. And being a cog in that mechanism is special to me – especially when you bring something to the table and it’s picked up to make it better.

We’re certain you have some funny stories to tell of what happens off screen, can you let us in on one?
Working on Daredevil was a blast. One day there was this new face on the set with his wife and daughter. They were sitting behind the monitors watching what was being filmed and talking with the director etc. I was sitting to the side with Charlie Cox who plays the lead and asked him who the guy was that everyone was making a fuss over. Charlie laughed and said he was Joe Quesada – basically one of the biggest (And coolest) dudes at Marvel. He introduced me and I spoke to him and his family for something like five minutes before being told I was needed on set. All the while I was talking, his daughter looked at me weirdly and seemed on edge. Only when I got back to set to start filming the rest of a viscous fight scene, did I realize I had been standing there talking to them completely covered in blood and must’ve looked quite disturbing.

Can you tell us about the highlight of your career thus far?
Sea Patrol was an amazing show to be part of. I think that I got to steer an actual Australian warship might be up there.

Besides acting what else keeps you busy?
I recently got married so that has been keeping me very busy. We are planning a wedding back home in Melbourne for New Year’s Eve which is exciting.

Back in Australia you have a business and property in Williamstown is that correct? Can you tell us about them?
My family has a block in Williamstown that we’ve owned for the past 30 years. We absolutely love it. Also, my sister has lived in that part of town for about 20 years and it has seen a huge change.

What do you think of Melbourne’s Inner West?
I am amazed at how it has evolved in only the past 5 years. Trendy new cafes and exciting new architecture as well as some new zoning and housing developments are changing the landscape. It’s very cool to be part of that community.

You live abroad currently in LA but would you still call Melbourne home?
Absolutely. I’ve been very fortunate to travel the world extensively but I feel the luckiest to know that Melbourne is my home. We really do have a special city.

What’s on the horizon for Nicolai Nicolaeff?
It’s going to be a big 2017!