About Us

OUR PHILOSOPHY is to bring our experience, ongoing research and skills in digital marketing, communication, customer service, property and finance and deliver the best service suited to your growing your portfolio. We understand the property and financial industries and can direct you and your family towards the best position for your future. Utilising a digital platform we capture a greater market of viewers for your property, we are ahead of the game with 360 degree display of property and live walkthrough inspections so as tenants and prospective buyers are given the opportunity to see your property anywhere and at any time.

Neesh was established in 2008 after discovering an important ‘niche’ in the Property and Finance industry for a wealth creation solution. Unlike most real estate agencies, Michael Sanz founded Neesh to help each and every person be able to buy / sell it, finance it and rent it! With most Real Estate Agents not knowing much about Property Management and Finance (and vice versa), and with Finance Brokers not being able to talk about Property, Neesh was created to assist our clients with property and investing. Michael’s love for technology and thirst for building on his industry knowledge has seen the company grow into a savvy digital platform for all your finance and property needs.

Our amazing team of expert communicators are keen to meet you, want to learn more about them? Find us here