7 steps to moving house like a pro

Before your new dream home becomes your reality, there is likely to be a little elbow grease required to get you there. If you don’t want to put the funds forward for someone else to move for you, you’ll find these useful tips will help prepare your property and get you moving efficiently on the big day.


  1. Invest in boxes
    It can be tempting to go low budget when you decide to buy boxes for your move, but let us tell you that this is the single best place to put your budget. Carrying the weight of crockery, mirrors, art work and frames will prove the quality of your boxes. Why waste the time packing items if there isn’t a guarantee they’ll make it to your new home safely? There are plenty of reputable moving companies in the major cities that also offer second hand boxes that are still of great quality. These boxes normally come with a guarantee and also allow you to return them and get some cash back in your pocket.

    Image credit @thevanrapp

    2. Packing Tape
    Never underestimate how much tape you will actually use. Again the quality of your tape will generally be based on price and is also worth considering in your budget. Cheaper tapes will snap and often stick to itself requiring more tape to be used (or thrown out). With heavy duty tape you only require one strip to the bottom and top of the box, saving you tape and time. Buy in bulk to find the best deal.

    3. Bubble wrap
    Besides being an absolute joy for kids (and adults) to play with after the move, bubble wrap is the single best thing to wrap glassware and precious items and is the kind of thing you will use again.

    4. Packing paper or if you are budget sensitive Newspaper
    Great for filling in boxes to keep items from moving, use it to support bubble wrapped items from jumping around in the box. Just keep in mind if you are using newspaper that the ink can smudge on items, especially if wet.

    Image credit @tsewho

    5. Blankets, towels, sheets
    Think of the linen you keep at the back of your cupboard these items are going to help you safely move furniture. Covering mattresses, chairs, couches, coffee tables etc. will mean you avoid scratches and tears to furniture moving them in and out of a truck.

    6. Hire a trolley
    A small two wheel trolley that can help you life the end of a heavy cupboard or bookcase will be your saviour when moving on your own. You can also thank us later for saving you the back ache.

    7. Stationary
    You won’t believe how many markers can go missing when packing your items, buy a bulk pack and a number of sets of scissors so as you can have multiple packing locations around your house without the frustration of losing the most important tools – your stationary.