5 tips to help make you more organised

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be one of those people who turns up on time, always has┬átheir mobile charged, a jacket packed in the car for stormy weather and a back up of for every document and photo on the cloud. Here are five tips that professional organisers recommend we do to start our day right and consequently a flow on effect of organisation should occur.

Plan ahead
Preparing your own lunch and your kid’s lunch the night before allows for any mis-haps, sleep throughs or issues that might arise in the morning.
Time management is particular to each person so making a routine that suits you will help the flow of your day.

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Make it a team effort
Be sure to work your morning routine in with those around you, could your partner or older child begin breakfast whilst you are in the shower? Assigning small tasks to younger children like gathering their shoes or socks can help save time.
Fellow adults can work together to switch feeding children or pets when the other is occupied.

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Stress less and organise your outfit the night before
To help select an outfit the first step is to cull your wardrobe, on average we use use only 20% of our wardrobe which means there is a lot of additional items in there that aren’t required. Stylists recommend going through items and creating a pile of things you haven’t worn in over 6 months and either pass onto a friend or donate to charity. Once you’ve decluttered be sure to arrange your wardrobe in a systematic way to keep work clothes, shirts, pants etc in order, many stylist recommend organising your wardrobe in two sections, work and leisure. If space is a problem vacuum packing seasonal items away under your bed for later in the year can provide you space.

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Finally from your newly organised wardrobe select your outfit the night before and place your clothes out ready for the next day. Preparing your outfit means you don’t have to think in the morning when you’re often feeling a little foggy.


Tidy as you go
This is a big tip that all declutterers recommend. If you are getting undressed, pop dirty items in the laundry basket and clean items back on a hanger or in the cupboard.
If you receive mail, open and move it to your accounts filing or in tray.
When cooking, cleaning as you go will save you the major task of cleaning everything at the end of the meal.

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Write things down
Having a blackboard or weekly planner on the fridge for everyone to see can really help as many of us are visual people.
Planning out the week’s meals, school/childcare, out of school activities, shopping items and even birthday presents.

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