How to check your hot water system

Before reporting a fault, it is important to establish which type of hot water system you have. There are of course two main types of hot water systems, Gas and Electric.

If your unit is electric and you are not getting any hot water

-Check the switch board to see if anything has tripped.

-Check if any water comes out of the tap. If you have cold water, it suggests maybe the element or thermostat.

-If no water is coming out, please look around the unit for any leaking / over flow of water

In most cases, an electric unit is in the house/ apartment. In most new apartments, or some old apartments, the unit can be in the roof, and may be monitored by an external water company such as origin hot water. If you are in a new apartment and have no hot water please make sure your hot water account is connected or paid up to date.

If your unit is gas and you are not getting any hot water

-check if any water is coming out of the unit. If not water is coming out, please check around the unit for any leaking / overflow of water

-if you have cold water flowing out, it suggests the pilot light has gone out and needs to be re lit. Please follow the simple to read instructions on the unit. It may take a few minutes to 15 minutes to re start the pilot, please be patient.

In most cases, a gas unit will be outside and either be an instant hot water unit or a storage unit. An instant hot water unit will typically try 3 times to start and if it can’t, will need a manual start. Please also check that if there is any power to the unit it is connected.

Where possible, please take a photo and email it through so we may forward to the appropriate trades person.

It is important that you troubleshoot these items to help avoid the plumbing expense being passed on to you.